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On November 26th, 2011, posted in: Homes for Sale, Radford by Comments Off

Great price for the square footage and location! Convenient to shopping, Radford University, and I-81! Currently under construction, still time to pick some options. These houses have been selling fast, very few lots left. DON’T WAIT, MUST SEE! (Listing agent is related to builder by marriage)

  • Ref: 303 - Price: dollar 129,900 -- FOR SALE

    Status: PENDING
    # Rooms: 6
    Yr Built/Source: 2011 / Seller
    Elementary Sch: McHarg/Belle Heth
    Middle School: Dalton Inter
    High School: Radford
    School District: Radford
    Zoning: Residential 3
    Taxes/Year: $0 / 2010
    Short Sale: No
    Subdivision: None
    Bds: 3
    FBths: 2
    HBths: 0
    Radford (City)
    Parcel Nbr: 19-(7)-SEC15-24, 25
    Story: 1 Story + Basement
    Apx Acr: 0.15
    Lot Size: .153
    Lot Size Source: Surveyor

    Listing: for sale

    City: Radford

    County: Pulaski

    Price: dollar 129,900

    Contact us:

    Name :